Burrola Financial is an independent insurance and financial services firm focusing on serving pre and post-retirees.  It is our mission to help you protect and grow the assets you already have, uncover and grow assets you may have yet to discover, and offer solutions that fit your needs; providing you with a foundation so that you and your family can enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful existence.
How confident are you that you will enjoy a comfortable retirement?  If you're like most people, your confidence may rise and fall with the financial markets because for most people, retirement confidence is about money.  Are you saving enough?  Have you taken advantage of all your retirement savings options?  Tough questions.  Tough questions only you can answer.  Workers' retirement confidence...(See More)

We show you an example of how little things can go a long way.  If you were to spend about $7 per day on a purchasing habit, that's roughly about $152 per month.  If you were to invest that same $152 per month into an account earning 7%, at the end of 25 years, you would end up with more than $120,000!  If you...(See More)

What happens to the value of a bond when interest rates rise 1%?  The simple answer is prices go down.  And if you understand that key principle when interest rates go up, bond prices go down, you will know more than most people when it comes to bonds.  This example looks at...(See More)

One general retirement guideline is that the majority of your retirement income will probably come from you and your planning efforts. This includes employer sponsored retirement plans - such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans, personal retirement plans such as IRAs, and other savings and investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds, and annuities.  The balance of retirement income may come...(See More)

An investor who is two or three decades from retirement could decide to be more aggressive in pursuing investment growth than someone approaching retirement. Even though investors address this by transitioning to a more conservative asset allocation, they still need to seek growth while balancing the desire for principal preservation. A recent study indicates that only 10% of investors aged 65 and older are willing to...(Read More)